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Well, here you can find all about my hobby.

From my tools till a link to my flickr gallery.



Well, here you can find all about my fluffy side.



Well well, sometimes the mind needs something to ease from the stress of the day. What would be more relaxing then just read a nice comic. Or 50.

I also have the habit of doing webcomic translations from English to German when I'm bored.



Everything else, like Kickstarter Stuff and...  Stuff


About Me


Well, there is not THAT much to tell about me.

Born in '94 in Baden-Württemberg, raised in Saxony and now living and working in Bavaria as an IT-Specialist.

I discovered the Furry-fandom in '12 and felt very comfortable at an instant. Since then I'm on board.

So it comes that I am currently Staff in the Eurofurence Photo-Panel and Staff and Photographer for the Bavarian Furs

Fuwo mugshot colors 2

Nex time to catch me...

Eurofurence 23 - 16.08.17 – 20.08.17 - Berlin

Bavarian Fur Dance 6 - 25.11.2017 - Regensburg